Every Guest Star On Blue Bloods: Season 8 Episode 3

“Blue Bloods” has featured many impressive guest stars. The CBS procedural has recruited some of Hollywood’s all-stars to either aid the Reagan family in keeping New York City safe or be a thorn in their side. Occasionally, fans are lucky enough to see multiple famous figures in a single episode, which is the case for Season 8, Episode 3 — “The Enemy of My Enemy.”

Arguably, the most recognizable celebrity in this outing is Academy Award winner Whoopi Goldberg as City Council Speaker Regina Thomas. (This is a recurring role for Goldberg, as she debuted the role in Season 6.) In “The Enemy of My Enemy,” Frank (Tom Selleck) needs some help passing a public safety initiative, so Thomas offers a plan to get enough votes to pass it. Meanwhile, Erin (Bridget Moynahan) speaks with another familiar face — Monica Graham, played by Tamara Tunie — about a case that now relates to a judge’s death. (Monica’s another individual the Reagans run into more than once, popping up as a recurring player throughout Seasons 7 and 8.)

There’s one final special guest whose stint on “Blue Bloods” was a one-and-done deal. Tia Carrere, likely best known for playing Cassandra in “Wayne’s World,” stops by to portray Chao Lin, the primary antagonist of this star-studded episode.

Could any of these guest stars return for Blue Bloods Season 14?


Regina Thomas looking quizzical


“Blue Bloods” Season 8, Episode 3 had a stacked cast, so it’s only natural for fans to wonder if any of the guest stars could return for the show’s final season. Season 14 debuts on February 16 and will be divided into two sections, with the second half coming out later in 2024. Regardless of what happens, it seems likely two of the “The Enemy of My Enemy” guests are done with the series. Tia Carrere appears to have played a one-off villainess, and the show would likely want to explore other antagonists in its final episodes. Additionally, Tamara Tunie’s character, Monica Graham, died in her final episode. Tunie recently spoke about how Monica could be in witness protection … but that seems like a long shot.

That only leaves Whoopi Goldberg’s Regina Thomas to reprise her role. Regina may have wanted to help Frank on her Season 8 appearance, but she later publicly calls out police brutality. Regina represents a real-life sentiment surrounding police authorities in America, which may be why fans voted her their favorite “Blue Bloods” guest star in our Looper poll. While nothing has been confirmed as far as Goldberg’s involvement in “Blue Bloods” Season 14, it wouldn’t be surprising to see her a final time.

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