Jennifer Lopez’s nightmare schedule for her nanny involved No Days Off

Jennifer Lopez saw multiple nannies quit not because of the high paying salary, but demanding hours that came with it.

It seems Jennifer Lopez’s nanny had a nightmare schedule that didn’t include any days off! Several celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow, have been called divas for numerous reasons. While some top celebrities are known for being kind to others, some A-listers have had several stories come out about their outlandish, outrageous behavior.

Although Jennifer Lopez has denied being a diva, rumors still run wild about her over-the-top behavior. Some have said she refuses to speak to certain members of staff at restaurants. Others have discussed her apparent ridiculous demands when she comes to stay at hotels, or certain dressing room demands. No matter what, everyone should be allowed a day off at least, right? Apparently, Jennifer Lopez’s nightmare schedule for her nanny involved no days off.

Numerous celebrities will hire personal assistants, stylists, trainers, etc., in order to help them keep up with their busy schedules and make sure they look camera-ready when necessary.

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